Pulau Redang, November 18-20


We are all agreed.  Monsoon season is not the time of year to book yourself into an island resort in the South China Sea to do a little snorkeling!   Having said that, if you have to experience the monsoons, there can be no better place to be than at an island resort!  The past few days has been very pleasant despite the weather.  Let me emphasize the word, “despite.”  We have no words or pictures to describe the rain we have seen, except to say that it has been unrelenting.  Al made very good use of a new app to track the weather and here are the stats.  The average rainfall for the month of November in this area is 300 ml.  We received approximately 250-300 ml. during the three days we were at Pulau Redang, and most of that was on one day.  The picture above depicts some of the puddling that was all over the resort.  In front of Pam and Steve’s suite, the water was as high as 5 inches, high enough to need to call the hotel staff to take us there by golf cart.  AND YET, it did not stop us from enjoying the time there.  Al and I were introduced to the game of Rook by Pam and Steve, a game that brings back fond memories of my childhood when my parents and their friends could be heard playing together.  We read, we caught up on e-mails and Pam and Steve, who are enrolled in a Masters of Global Leadership, managed to get some school work done.  We ate… AND, in between the thunderstorms, we managed to get into the ocean…




Need I say more?

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